Indian Army evacuating 93000 Pakistani Prisoners of War

Brief History of 1971 war

1971 war began with Pakistan attacking India and committing genocide against Bangladeshis in then East Pakistan

Within 13 days of start of war, Indian military decimated pakistani forces and liberated Bangladesh from the clutches of pakjabis. The resulting surrender of 90,000 pakistani military personnel was largest in number of prisoners of war since World War II.

The Instrument of Surrender of Pakistani forces stationed in East Pakistan was signed at Ramna Race Course in Dhaka at 16.31 IST on 16 December 1971, by Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora, General Officer Commanding-in-chief of Eastern Command of the Indian Army and Lieutenant General A. A. K. Niazi, Commander of Pakistani forces in East Pakistan.

The Hamoodur Rahman Commission report instituted by Pakistan has the following comments to make on the result of war

For Pakistan it was a complete and humiliating defeat, a psychological setback that came from a defeat at the hands of intense rival India.

Pakistan lost half its territory, significant portion of its economy and its geo-political role in South Asia.

The loss of East Pakistan had shattered the prestige of the Pakistani military. Pakistan lost half its navy, a quarter of its air force and a third of its army.