LCA`s naval version scheduled to fly by middle of next year

Bangalore, Sept 01,2007

The naval version of the light combat aircraft is slated to fly by middle of next year, P S Subramanyam, Programme Director, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bangalore, said.

Two prototypes have already been approved he said while speaking at the Aeronautical Society of India here today.

The naval version would have a bigger cockpit and windscreen besides being capable of operating from an aircraft carrier, he said.

Work was also on, on developing the concept of the Medium Combat Aircraft (MCA), a twin Engined aircraft, optimised for strike missions, he said.

The project is still awaiting approval. But teams were working on bits and pieces on the technology of the airfcraft, he said.

The design objective of the MCA, among others, would be stealth, thrust vectoring and supercruising. It would have some of the features of the LCA in addition to some critical advance technology.

It was also working on the concept of supersonic lead in fight trainer, (Slift),a new trainer that will help prepare combat pilots much more effectively and at an affordable cost.

Speaking on the occasion, T Mohan Rao, Director, Gas Turbine Research Establishment at Bangalore, outlined the ongoing work on the Kaveri engine that would power the LCA.