Centre for Fire, Environment & Explosive Safety(CFEES)

Centre for Fire, Environment & Explosive Safety(CFEES)

Historical Background

This establishment presently known by the name as CFEES (Centre for Fire, Environment & Explosive Safety) got its name in 2003. Before that its name was CEES.

The CEES was established in the year 1992 by the merger of three erstwhile establishments viz. (I) DRDO Computer Centre, Delhi, (ii) Directorate of Explosives Safety, DRDO, HQ, and (iii) Fire Adviser’s Office DRDO, HQ..

In year 2000 another DRDO Lab “Defence Institute of Fire Research (DIFR)” was merged with CEES and the merged entity continued to be named as CEES.

In order to emphasize important activity of Fire Science of this lab, Government renamed CEES as CFEES in 2003.

Centre for Fire, Environment & Explosive Safety(CFEES)


Designed and developed Integrated Fire Detection and Suppression Systems for battle tanks MBT, T71, ICV (Abhay).

Developed Technology for Treatment and Stablization of Heavy Metal (Pb, Cr, Hg, Cd, Zn etc.) at pilot plant level for the Effluents being generated in the Ordnance Factories.

Developed Technology for removal of Nitro bodies (HMX, RDX) based on neutralization and alkaline hydrolysis for HMX plant effluents. TOT document ready for its use.

Developed expertise in the area of establishing ground water monitoring network for any project site for assessment of environment contamination.

Developed process technology for Coal Pitch based Activated Carbon Spheroids at lab scale for adsorption of harmful chemical vapours by the protective gears.

Designed and tested New nozzles for generation of water mist working at low pressure of 2-4 bars for fire fighting.

Installed and commissioned Smoke Test Tunnel for creating fire signatures under various conditions.

National Halon Banking & Management facility has been setup and made operational. Impure Halon of different kind can be purified to acceptable level and stored.

Developed Software package for Virtual Fire-Fighting and Fire-Training Simulation.

Specialized Training in Fire Safety and Fire Prevention, Management related Programme are being conducted regularly for fire fighters and officers of all Defense establishments.