Proof & Experimental Establishment(PXE)

Proof & Experimental Establishment(PXE)

Historical Background

Proof & Experimental Establishment came into being as the Proof Department in India with Headquarters at Balasore in May 1895. However, the first firing of 12 rounds of 12 Pdr. sharpnel shells was conducted in March 1894 under the command of Captain RH Mahon whose recommendations made it possible for the sanction of the establishment.

During its existence of over 109 years, the name of the establishment was changed into the Proof & Experimental Department, which later was renamed as the Proof & Experimental Establishment.

The establishment was having HQ Command under Director General of Ordnance (DGO), India and subsequently under Inspection Organisation under DGO. It had an initial area of about 15 acre, which increased to 685 acre when the range was increased in 1949.

The establishment has grown in size and in tune with its changing role over the years. After Independence, PXE was under the administrative control of DGI upto 1958 till it was brought under the administrative control of DRDO. At present, the establishment has a notified range of 50 km in length along the sea coast and 50 km into the sea.

Proof & Experimental Establishment(PXE)


-Established high speed photography techniques for study of sabot discarding phenomena in sub caliber projectile
-Spin measurement of projectiles by Doppler Radar and High Speed Photography Technique
-Ballistic Evaluation of gun propellants by comparative as well as absolute ballistics methods.
-Measurement of Height of Burst of Proximity fuze by Photography technique
-Easy and faster method of barrel changing in T-72 Tanks
-Recovery technique of fired projectiles both over water and over wet sand
-Recording of full trajectory data of artillery projectiles